One Person Can Make A Difference. And Everyone Should Try.

Ever get those moments when you look at your kids and think you just love them soooo much? You’d do anything for them. You want the very best for them. And nothing less.   This doesn’t change if you have a child with disabilities. The only difference is you usually have to fight for everything… Continue reading One Person Can Make A Difference. And Everyone Should Try.

Being Kind Costs Nothing

There are many things I could list that make life for me that little bit easier as a SEND parent – from Firefly shopping trolley seats and adequate Changing Places to the new chair Brody received from his Physio and Occupational Therapist to eat meals in (it’s a game changer). Let’s not forget Disney Pixar… Continue reading Being Kind Costs Nothing

Hello Epilepsy

When your child has epilepsy, it is a constant weight on your mind. Without fail, the moment that weight eases off, a seizure will happen – just to make sure you know it’s still there. It’s thoughtful like that.   Brody had his first (six) seizures (that we know of) when he was 21 months… Continue reading Hello Epilepsy