The Unpredictability of Sensory Processing Disorder

I never knew about sensory issues before having Brody. I wouldn’t have believed that a child could get so upset at the sight, touch, smell or sound of something — if that something wasn’t typically upsetting. Brody’s sensory issues were visible before we even knew what they were. When he was weaning as a baby,… Continue reading The Unpredictability of Sensory Processing Disorder


Every so often, something will happen to highlight how delayed Brody is either cognitively or physically. And every so often it catches my breath or punches my gut. But the dreams I once had at night where we had conversations – the ones where I’d wake up and for a brief moment think that he… Continue reading Acceptance

What’s In A Word?

What’s in a word? Words can be powerful. They can bring joy. One word can change someone’s day – life even. But in the same speed in which they can bring happiness, they can also cause hurt and damage – even when mindlessly spoken. I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed recently when I came… Continue reading What’s In A Word?